The Saatchi Gallery

Webpage devoted to the plastic arts. People from all over the world exhibit their works.


This is my blog. On it, I write about movies, music, literature… I also write about my association with photography as well as the stories behind the pictures I have taken.


Landscape and Nature Photography by Doug Whincup.


Sandra Mooijman and Pieter van der Horst is the couple who shares with us the images on the link above. Together, both of them have already been in several countries, photographing them.


Howard Cheek is the awarded photographer in charge for the webpage above. Through it, you can check amazing wildlife shots from the United States of America.


Its aim is to teach about nature through photography. Professionals and amateurs from around the globe upload photos.

Artesão da Web was developed by Artesão da Web (something like web artisan). Apart from enjoying the expression web artisan a lot, the one who is in charge of the site is a great friend and a great professional – not necessarily in this order.

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